Our Historical Discourse


Why do we forget things so easily? Why do generations pretend as if there were no generations before them? Should we accept the fallacy that the world since its existence has never been better before?

Or we should still hope for it to be better in the future? Were there any thinkers before us or we are the first thinkers the world has ever witnessed? When did we start talking about change and until when would we start witnessing the change we dream of? Should we say; we are naive of the several transitions that epochs have gone through? Or we should treat modernism as independent era where definitions are treated as conceptual entities and ideologies? Peaceful territories are territories without war. Countries with freedom are countries where governments are not disturbed. Human rights are found and structured in constitutions. Hence, we think we are in the course of civilization. How can free market work without free money? And how do you expect Freedom of Speech being preached work with propaganda? If there is difference between confusion and ignorance; then the truth can never be standalone in our discourse. Are we tired of asking questions just because we aren’t getting answers? Or the questions are too many for our engagement?

History has never change it identity; just that it can’t stop wearing different attire. And yet we continue to give it names that it can’t even live for? We forge it so it will be one of our own. It forces us so we can live to remember it. And that is the endless chaos that we’ll forever be bound to. Our message to the World, even though it won’t listen still keeps on disturbing it peace. Our hypocrites and lunatics always end all our efforts just by waving war.

History demands our absolute attention. It needs our full concentration. It requires us to read her markings thoroughly over and over again. Meditations and reflections with mystical analysis is what she expects from us. Not for us to be tyrants and selfish. These are what we won’t do and will never attempt and that is why our involuntary actions won’t allow us to stop breaking the secret codes of history. Figures are mixed with facts in puzzles. Generations appear and vanish without even asking for such fragmentations. The consequences of breaking historical secret codes, over the past 1600 years have been the schemes and patterns of our distress. If indeed World War I served us with greater purpose to think on advanced resolutions to solidarity; we wouldn’t have anticipated for World War II. Yet, we are still talking about World War III. The Never Agains that our forefathers were bitterly fuming don’t necessarily echo for us to undermine the vexations of war itself. But then, we cunningly pitch ourselves with her rumors and after some waiting time she will whisper in our ears to build more nuclear weapons to install peace and freedom. War, believe or not is an abandoned son of history. As long as we embrace it; history being the mother of all epochs will forever turn her back to us. History sees nothing but infidelity in our discourse, she looks into our minds and mock us with wrongly-posed smiles. Her avenue seems too boring because we haven’t explored, just a bit from there yet. The history we have in our bookshelves, from all what I know from sincere historians, can’t serve us to any benefit. It false, vague, erroneous, tainted, overwritten and not systematic.

The course of history, when being presented with genuine facts and figures always give independent ideologies and predictions; without serving substantives to any social, political or religious group. Whenever you see or hear such groups, claiming legitimacy to their utilities with history; know therefore that they have hired a history behind a mask. Such history had been in great controversy with our discourse for about 1700 years. Nevertheless, it a controversy that serve modernity with humbleness and rare upbringing. The core of it consist an enigma of myth mixed with genuine but puzzled facts and figures. On such hideous distinctives that we perpetrate.

The history we know, isn’t the history we need and that is the history we have been using because the rest all seem to be mystery. Such history can’t tell us why the residues of French Revolution had too much to do with American Politics today. It can’t also question Vladmir Putin for saying Russia is a Democratic Country. It can’t deal with the Fragments of United State’s history neither can it tell people to desist from Socialism and Communism. But rather, it can turn thinkers into activists, low-minds into policy makers, charismatics into political leaders. Such history gives more ideas to anybody at all to debate on sensitive issues. It has nothing to do with the recovery of genocide, racism, ethnocentrism, war, revolutions and peace. Can one corridor serve two rivals without messy-ventures? No! That is what this history has offered her corridor to offer and that is why we are in messy-states of ideologies. Authentic History cannot serve liberals and conservatives at the same time neither can it serve leftist and rights efficiently. Also, it can’t compromise several contradicting ideologies thus serving all equally. That is why it would be more fatal for us to accede this history to be genuine. In Russia, they’re still puzzling themselves with their revolution. They aren’t asking why it came to meet the World War I. In the United States, they are still asking why Russia always swings. They aren’t asking why NATO is still in operation. The Jews, are still examining the truth behind Adolf Hitler and his Jewish Holocaust. They aren’t asking why it was fused into the World War II. Germany is thinking about her future with immigrants because she fears Nationalism. Greece pretend as if she is content with her poor state because she thinks she has no nuclear records. Ukraine are still listening to Western rumors because she always suspect Russia in any of her ruins. In Africa, they are still craving to establish Pan-Africanism. They aren’t asking why Black Americans for more than hundred years are still inferior even though they’re in World’s most Powerful nation. In the Middle East, they are still asking why the West are always on their neck. They aren’t scrutinizing the bigger potholes in their Religious Ideologies. Other places such as South America, aren’t getting anything to ask at all. Such is the chaos of our history. It also forced us to believe that, the most powerful nation must be the ones with trillion dollars of nuclear programs. This same history teaches us that War can instill Democracy and that is why nobody is asking why Ghaddafi was killed. Can this history be genuine? Can we rely on it? Do we still have to pretend as if we know nothing? Or we can question that history to trigger supports from the real one?

Where are the documents of The Dark Ages? Why was it so called? Do we have to learn from it? Or it was just a folktale? What about the Renaissance? How should it be treated? The Reformation, Industrial Revolution where are they? Are they gone but hunting us or we are still living in them today? Why were books banned? Why were some schools closed? People were burned in stake, Why? Rome had ruled the world for more than 1500 years, why has she suddenly vanished from the course of our history today? Can’t she answer some questions for us today? Why and Why and Why??? Should be our Historical Discourse! And never think there are no answers! There are!


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