Brilliant Little Boy Oswald Goes Viral With Legendary Our Day List To His Mum – Top Companies Offer Life-Changing Support.



One mindless tweet can change your life. A wish list from son to mummy has changed the life of the 9-year-old “our day” boy. 

From a tweet innocently shared by a tweep which had a picture of an “our day” list of the son of his colleague at work, a series of good news kept unfolding for Oswald the our day boy.

In the list, was seen asking his mum for big coke for Mrs. Appiah, his teacher, Dolait, biscuits, chocolates and drinks amongst others. He also asked that he gets to bring his iPad to school.

The part that caught the public eye the most was when he included at the end a plea to his mum not to disappoint him. He claimed the disappointment will ruin a day which does not come around everyday for him.

The smart Oswald in a bid to finalize the emotional manipulation of his mum told her he did well in his exams and did not disappoint her so she also should not disappoint him.

The tweep added beneath the tweet a sad message of salaries being delayed and so his wish will not be fulfilled. He stated he will chew tea bread and this will teach him a valuable lesson.

People who found this list funny and touched by the fact that he will not be getting his wish started of by sending money to his mum to buy everything on the list for him. This was when the amazing turn of events started to unfold.

From brands offering food and food items to musician offering to perform at their school, Oswald was bombarded with an amazing host of offers. Check out the offers here.
This was the original tweet.

The momo offers which led to a sequel of gifts.

Check out his mother’s interview on Joy News this morning

See the Canadian exchange program offered to Oswald.

Blueband stepped in with an offer.

FanIce offered Icecream!

Dominos Pizza and KFC made great offers too

This was huge as and Data bank made very good offers to Oswald

Check out Kidi’s tweet where he offered to perform for the kiddies.

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