Cold Blood Slaying And Kidnapping, A Threat To The Country


Cold blooded killing, which can be labelled in other words as human assassination is progressively becoming a norm and it’s triggering fright and anxiety in the country which desires instant responsiveness.

Even though murder is as old as time, hardly was it proficient in the past like in recent times.

Murdering someone or taking the precious life of another human being is supposed to be the stiffest delinquency to be accomplished but it has now become as easy as slaughtering mere fowls for domestic consumption. Oh who have bewitched us Ghanaians, and why are we becoming aliens in our own land?


The country is bursting with different security agencies but their existence seem not to scare committers who engage themselves in this life taking activities.

These perpetrators go to the extent of   adopting new strategies such as contract killing which is aimed at exchanging human lives for material achievements such as money.

Prominent folks, who are both assets to our country and their families have lost their lives to this dreadful practice.

Not to remind us about the acrimonious past but to give you a few of the many killing circumstances just between 2016 and 2019.

Ghanaians uttered tremor at the spate of murder of the Late Abuakwa north MP, Mr. Joseph Boakye Dankwa Adu who was slain on the 9th of February 2016 and such a fine gentleman was buried six fit down the earth’s belly for reasons that only God can explain.


As if that was not sufficient, a pastor of the Assemblies of God church, Rev. David Nabegmado was stabbed in December 2018 when he was performing his religious obligations.

Also the Mankraro of Prampram, Nene Atsure Benta was gunned down in December 2018.

Then Madam Josephine Asante, the marketing affairs manager of Ghana ports and harbor authority (GPHA) was stabbed to death in her own resident, and all we did was to wear black jerseys and assembled together around her lifeless remains and cry whiles the slayers have received their dividends from their contractors and are feasting ostentatiously at the expense of someone’s life.


Not overlooking the most recent one that involves Ahmed Hussien –Sualey, an investigative journalist with Anas Aremeyaw Anas Tiger Eye Pi on Wednesday, January 16th 2019.

My utmost unease is about the three missing girls in the western region who have been kidnapped since the beginning of this year and all efforts to find them has been futile, I only pray they don’t perish before their time just because someone somewhere might have taken a butchery contract.

I strain to probe myself who these killers may be which I am yet to tell but as a truth-seeker, it’s so evident that most of the people who do this killings are generally the youth and the question is why?

To some extent, this can be liable to the low unemployment rate in the country, but this reason cannot be considered as the rigorous motivation why they kill for money because even though some people claim there are no sufficient jobs in the country which of course the government is working on, one can still find a way of making a living instead of dragging the gun.


Apart from the low level of unemployment rate which is considered a factor for murder cases, other instances such as over indulgence in hard drugs, the yearning to become rich in a fourth night and live conspicuously are all reasons of this proliferating occurring murder cases.

Even though most security experts in an interview attributed murder cases to the low unemployment rate and they added that, when people are not able to meet their economic needs, they are forced to succumb to any illegal act in order to make quick money to survive,


I personally have my own reservations because as the old adage goes ‘’the rain may beat the leopards skin but it does not wash out its spots’’.  This is to say that, some of the youth are simply indolent and wouldn’t want to sweat and make money genuinely. Even in the face of many job opportunities, some bad ones will still engage themselves in these killings because it seem to be the quickest way of making money.


But considering some of the pragmatic measures that may help eradicate or reduce this appalling act, Government and NGO’s must empower the youth and create jobs for the unemployed and the idle hands to keep them busy. When this is done, killing somebody for money I think will be the last thing someone will think about, but most importantly, firm laws, and precedents such as live imprisonment or death sentences must be enforced in the country that will deter people who may plan to cause mental or bodily harm or take the lives of any human.


Let me end by reminding the slayers and their contractors that, a performing masquerades who tries hard to outwit their colleagues may end up exposing their own ass, death is like a robe, and everyone will surely wear one someday, but as the bible utters that, our deeds shall follow us, permit me ask, Mr. Killer, what are your deeds?


Source: Sirr Reuben


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