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Don’t dare approach me with love if you earn 3000ghc monthly – Efia Odo warns men



Efia Odo

Efia Odo, a Ghanaian actress and socialite, has stated that she has no interest in guys who are currently attempting to make it in life and that she can only date wealthy men.

The topic of relationships and their interconnections with financial elements was discussed on an episode of the ‘Keeping It 100 percent’ podcast.

Efia Odo underlined her viewpoint by stating that her personal accomplishment influences her requirements for possible mates. She was adamant that settling for a guy who is financially suffering would not be compatible with her current situation.

“I won’t take a man who is just trying in life, I’ve passed that stage…I am an already-made b*tch, so if you are not already made I am not going to f*ck with you,” she said.

When asked if she would consider a man who makes up to GH₵‎3,000 cedis monthly and gives her GHC₵‎1000 cedis from it, Efia Odo mentioned that she wouldn’t even consider getting close to such a person.

“I wouldn’t even ask you for that, I won’t take such an amount because you are not making that much. If you’re making GHC₵‎3,000, I wouldn’t even talk to you if you’re making that little“ she argued.

The actress turned singer has on several occasions shared the kind of men she wishes to date.


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