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Gadgets to check overloading, passenger data in buses, commercial vehicles in the offing – NSRA.



Gadgets to check overloading, passenger data in buses, commercial vehicles in the offing – NSRA. 46



High-risk commercial vehicles, buses and other vehicles will soon have automated road safety gadgets to track some vital information, the National Road Safety Authority (NSRA) has said.

This forms part of efforts of the Authority to curb motor accident rates by 50% in 2030, in Ghana.

Speaking to GhanaWeb as part of its Road Safety Campaign Series, Pearl Adusu who is Public Relations Officer at NSRA revealed that the institution is working around the clock to introduce some important initiatives that will help achieve their set target.

The Road Safety Automation, according to her, is one of such initiatives. This, according to her, will involve the fixing of automated gadgets in some high-risk commercial vehicles, which will track and provide helpful data for the cause.

“We have certain things we are putting in place. Road safety automation.

“This is where there are gadgets we are developing at the development stage, which we will put in vehicles, especially the high-risk commercial vehicles; the buses and other things which do inter-city travels.

“We are starting from them so that we can check people who come to board the vehicles; their names, identity and other things, the number of passengers you are picking, if you are overloading. These gadgets will be put there and will check records of passengers and how you will know them,” Pearl Adusu explained.

According to her, this will help with the identification of persons on a particular vehicle at every point such that in the case of any eventualities, names can be attached.

“It is one of the things we are doing so we will be able to check people so when an accident happens, for instance, one time that people crashed in the northern part of Ghana and people got burnt and were not identified because we have that data already, people can be easily identified when such things happen and when you are overloading too, it can automatically be known,’ she stated.

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This is one out of many other initiatives the NSRA is working around the clock to introduce, according to her. She also revealed that others including a road safety campaign themed “Arrive Alive” which will be launched in October will help curb the high rate of accidents on Ghana’s roads.