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I didn’t intend to diss Yvonne Neson – Sarkodie



I didn’t intend to diss Yvonne Neson – Sarkodie

Sarkodie, a Ghanaian rapper, has stated that he did not mean to release the song he did in response to the abortion claim leveled against him by Yvonne Nelson.

Last month, the rapper dropped a diss track called “Try Me” in response to what Yvonne Nelson stated about him in her biography, “I Am Not Yvonne Nelson.”

He went foul with his lyrics in the song and slut shamed the actress.

Weeks after the song, Sarkodie has been posed with a question on it in an interview he did on ‘Way Up With Angela Yee’ he said none amongst his management team knew about the song.

According to Sarkodie, he sneaked into the studio to spit out his sentiments on the beat with the intention of releasing it.

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He claimed that if his team had known he was recording a song to address the issue, he would have been stopped, therefore he had to conceal it.

Unfortunately, the music had been leaked, so he was forced to release it.

The rapper stated that once it was released, he received numerous phone calls, but in the heat of the moment, the only person he knew would contact him to chastise him was his lawyer Cynthia Quarcoo.

Sarkodie had to text her “to tease her that Mama C, so don’t you care about what’s happening because you would hit me up and say what are we doing but the sad news is she was dead at the same time” when he wasn’t receiving a response from his lawyer with records to the song.

He also stated that he was aware that his lawyer would not approve of how he handled the situation if she was alive.