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Man allegedly pours hot water on step-daughter for disrespecting him at Ahansonyewodea.



Man allegedly pours hot water on step-daughter for disrespecting him at Ahansonyewodea. 1



A 3-year-old, Dodo Elizabeth has suffered severe injuries after her stepfather allegedly poured boiling water on her for disrespecting him.

The incident happened at Ahansonyewodea in the Obuasi East District of Ashanti Region.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with ABN’s Chukwu Joseph, the nine months pregnant mother of Elizabeth, Lagbezi Mary disclosed that the father who meted the atrocious act on the child is rather a stepfather.

Residents of Ahansonyewodea led by Assemblymember Vincent Akwasi Donkor who lives closer to the family also said the accused has been beating the child at the blind side of the mother. The 3-year-old is currently on admission at Obuasi government hospital receiving treatment with her heavily pregnant mother.

The nursing officer handling Elizabeth’s case explained that she was out of blood due to the injuries, so she was administered blood and is currently doing fine, unfortunately same cannot be said of Lagbezi Mary who is currently suffering from abdominal pains due to her pregnancy.

On the part of Dodo Kofi, the 25-year-old stepfather who is alleged to be the brain behind the injuries disclosed that his stepdaughter disrespect and disregard his orders but obeys every orders and commandment given by her mother a reason why he did such atrocious act on her.

Meanwhile, the Obuasi Divisional Domestic Violence and Victim Support Unit (Dovvsu) commander, Superintendent Togbe Adagbe debunked the widespread notion that the accused is the brain behind the injuries visited on the minor.

He quizzed why a father will Intentionally injure his own child. He rather blamed it on parental negligence. “It is not true that the father caused the injuries to the 3-year-old, it’s rather negligence”

“The child was playing with fire on the blind side of her parents, unfortunately the water on the fire poured on her but because the family are financially incapacitated they couldn’t take her to hospital on time leaving the injuries to escalate,” Sup Adagbe told Chukwu Joseph.