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Must Read! Why Mankind So Evil?



Must Read! Why Mankind So Evil? 1



There are a lot of things we shouldn’t do in life;
Sleeping with someone’s wife, sleeping with a pregnant woman who is not your wife, sleeping with your Mother/father or a family member you know, sleeping with your sister, brother, father’s or mother’s daughter/son,
cursing a fellow human being, money laundry or doubling of money, having interest in JUJU, ajagurajua, occultism etc., those who are seriously into drunkenness, smoking, adultery and drugs, false witness, a lying tongue
disrespecting the elderly persons, sleeping with same gender(either with your colleague males or females),stealing from others or killing fellow human beings.

All these things will affect anyone who do not depart from it.
You may be a victim in all or in some of the things mentioned above but there is another chance for you to clean and clear yourself.
You know already that all these things are evil, we shouldn’t be told before all these things are believed to be true since we all have common sense.

The reason is simple; it is because of hardships, pressure and many more.
We go all length just to survive.
Why should we behave in such manner?
We have everything which is very important to the natives of Ghana, yet there is nothing we benefit from them.
What is the uses of Gold, Diamond, Bauxite, Manganese, Iron Ore, Timber, Water/River, Cocoa, Cashew and Oil?
When will we stop the corruption and be loyal, honest to ourselves?

Why do you want to survive with your family and friends whilst you were already a rich person before entering into that service?
Why should a graduate pay bribe before he/she can help or impact the knowledge acquired from the UNIVERSITY to their own people?

Where in the GES SYLLABUS do we have to pay bribes before securing permanent employments after the completion of the UNIVERSITY?
The social media is used for stupid things by many citizens in our land.

Either you will be changing from your bad attitudes or others will change you.
I will never go to the prison before i work hard for all what i need.
We should be using our minds/brains very well for something positive.