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‘Nana Agradaa just duped a friend of mine of GHC4,000’ – Mr. Logic.



‘Nana Agradaa just duped a friend of mine of GHC4,000’ – Mr. Logic. 1



Renowned entertainment show pundit, Mr. Logic has claimed the popular Ghanaian ritualist, Patricia Asiedu who is known as Nana Agradaa is a fraudster.

According to the artiste manager, Nana Agraada just recently, duped one of his friends GHC 4,000. He made this known in a recent submission on Hitz FM.

He was sharing his view about the directive from the National Film Authority (NFA). The NFA has stated that anyone who doesn’t bring films for preview risks spending the next five days in prison.

This move is to curb the rate at which ritual events are being aired on TV for everyone, including children to watch.

Reacting to this, Mr. Logic said;

“Aside the people who do real money rituals, the rest are just tricksters. I can confidently say most of the “mallams” who claim to double money are all liars.

“Mallams” will take your money, claim to double it, tell you they have to talk to Nananom, then they will later tell you to go and bring a Tiger’s claw.

Fake mallams are killing people. When they realize they cannot help you, they will kill you physically, dump your body somewhere and go their way.

If you are owing somebody GHS 1,000, police can arrest you. Where in the law is that stipulated? Why can’t fake mallams be arrested for defrauding people? Why can’t they be arrested for claiming to double money?

Nana Agradaa just duped a friend of mine of GHS 4,000. And she has been operating for how long?”