Abusua Dwarfs’ striker, Jindo Morishita, has found joy in Ghanaian delicacies and was spotted in a ‘chop bar’ recently.

The Japanese, in a viral video, is seen happily eating fufu and having a conversation with a man in the Fante dialect.

Hindi, who was busily devouring two portions of the swallow with light soup, barely had time to respond to some inquisitive onlookers.

Photo of Abusua Dwarfs’ newly signed Japanese player eating fufu will make your day. 49

He was asked what he was eating in English, but the foreigner, who is now beginning to pick up the local dialect, said:

‘’I am eating fufu and I love it, I love it very much.”

Ghana Premier League side, Abusua Dwarfs, signed the striker on a one-year deal and the 23-year-old is the first Japanese to play in the Ghanaian league.