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Popular Ghanaian singer hints at suicide for the second time.



Popular Ghanaian singer hints at suicide for the second time. 49



Nana Frema shares suicidal post on Instagram

Celebrities console Nana Frema

I haven’t been happy since 2019, singer Nana Frema says

Ghanaian sultry singer, Rosette Nana Frema Koranteng, has shared a long post on social media about how she intends to finally ‘throw in the towel’ after a long depression struggle.

The Ghanaian singer while admitting that she is indeed suicidal said she hasn’t lived a happy life since 2019.

Earlier in 2020, Nana Frema in a similar light dropped a hint of suicide which was reportedly triggered by her low self-confidence.

Nana Frema who publicly admitted to indulging in liposuction from Dr. Obengfo’s hospital said the surgery did not stop the increasing rate of her body fat.

Frema at that time said she does not want to live anymore as she felt too ugly and fat even after the surgery.

“I feel like I’m too fat and ugly to be loved, to be liked or to even be alive,” she wrote on Instagram in 2020.

But it appears that the singer’s mental health has deteriorated and this is evident in her new post.

Frema intends to put an end to the countless sleepless nights and several years of unfulfillment.

“I just feel like typing what I feel in my heart as tears run down my eye. At this point I’m scared, I don’t want public sympathy but my fear is leading me to share my emotions. I’m suicidal, I’m so suicidal and the urge is getting so strong. My mother and my kid don’t deserve this I know but I’m unable to help it. HELP ME.

From 2019 till 2022 I could actually count the number of times I’ve been happy in my life these 3 to 4 years. I’ve been constantly depressed all these years and there’s not been 3 days on a roll I haven’t cried 3 hours or more in a day. I try to keep up and sheild everything all by myself. I hardly speak up my feelings, I coil in, I try to be strong but things are escalating now. I’ve had several mental breakdowns and the episode that scared me was when I stepped out without knowing where I was going till my mother called me on the street.

I see some of these ladies speak out when they have mental breakdowns and i know it’s just to help ease them up but I’ve covered up all my episodes which had limited my public and social media appearance. I’m sorry to all my friends who’s events I couldn’t show up, if only you guys knew. Pls when everyone says a prayer pls say one for me. I hope its not too late speaking up now. I’m tired of sleepless nights and wet pillows. At this moment I feel so weak that I’m barely able to stand ,even when I lay on my bed ,I feel the bed is swallowing me up. Maybe today could be my last , if it is, no one should cry for me coz I’ll be finally at peace. To everyone who ever loved me genuinely. I’m sorry especially to my sister,” Nana Frema wrote on Instagram.

Immediately after the post, she allegedly turned off her phone and some celebrities who tried to reach her stormed the comment section to plead with her to turn it on.

The likes of Funny Face, Lawyer Ntim, popular TV presenter Tima Yeboah and many others have poured out solidarity messages to her.

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