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Retire! Come offer Ghana the leadership it lacks – #Dampare4President Movement crystalizes.



Retire! Come offer Ghana the leadership it lacks – #Dampare4President Movement crystalizes. 56

There is a growing sentiment among the rank and file of Ghanaians across all sectors of social and traditional media clamouring for the Inspector General of Police (IGP) Dr. George Akuffo Dampare to “serve his terms fast”, retire from the police service and offer himself as President of Ghana to effect the changes the country urgently needs.

The latest to amplify that Movement is Radio and Television personality Abeiku Santana who has encouraged the Inspector General Of Police to resign from his position and contest for the Presidency of Ghana.

He believes that his show of leadership since taking over the mantle as Ghana Inspector General Of Police is a testament to the fact that there are people who are ready for change and that leadership can influence that change in Ghana.

Abeiku Santana made this known when he spoke on Accra-based Okay FM.

He said “if IGP Dr George Akuffo Dampare retires from the Police Service and contests for elections to be Ghana’s President, I will boldly support him and be his campaign manager. On farmers day the IGP was in the farms to encourage farmers, when personnel of the Ghana Police Service were involved in an accident, he was there to console them. If this IGP contests for Presidential elections in Ghana we should all vote for him. He can change Ghana, this IGP is a working Police, he can change Ghana, he’s not office IGP, he’s operations IGP,” he said.

Abeiku Santana continued “I say more grease to his elbow. Since he came to Ghana, there has been discipline. When Ghanaians turned into Israelites, the Police officers were seen distributing water and even gave out their buses to transport commuters to their destination”.

He gave the IGP a pat on the back and said “if you like resign and stand as a Presidential candidate, we will vote for you. Continue to work hard because any government that comes to power, we will make sure you continue to stay in Charge. We will demonstrate if any new government comes in and change him.