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RTI commission takes legal action against non-complying institutions



RTI commission takes legal action against non-complying institutions 60

State institutions that refuse to provide information requested by citizens should brace themselves, as the Right To Information (RTI) Commission has resolved to taking legal actions against any such refusal.

The RTI Act of 2019 was passed to ensure the implementation of the constitutional right to information by a public institution, with the rationale to foster transparency and accountability in public affairs.

The RTI Act makes it possible for citizens to request information from public institutions with ease, subject to the exemptions that are necessary and consistent with the protection of the public interest in a democratic society.

Despite the law, some state institutions proving difficult, as according to the Executive Secretary of  the RTI commission.

Speaking on the Sunday, 20th August edition of Legal Affairs show- The Law, which airs on Accra-based JoyNews, Mr Yaw Sarpong Boateng hoped the court would compel all such institutions to pay their fines for flouting the  law, to send a signal to others.

“So far we have had to take on institutions that in the past two years we have levelled administrative penalties on and some of them. And some of them have paid and some of them are engaging in the process of how to pay. Some have failed, we’re in court..,we’re hoping that the court will help us enforce this penalty so that the idea gets to trickle down to all public institutions so that they become aware that in the event that you refuse to pay the penalties the court will” take charge of the matter.

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