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‘Sakawa’ man narrates how he made Ghc15m within a short time after visiting Benin (video)



‘Sakawa’ man narrates how he made Ghc15m within a short time after visiting Benin (video) 1

Lately, life in Ghana is hard! Yeah, that’s very true!

The rate of unemployment keeps increasing and the jobs that are created by governments are not enough to absorb the huge number of unemployed people.

This, however, forces some people to engage in illegal activities such as fraud and armed robbery to make some money. Others also end up in money rituals to become rich.

The issue of making a lot of money and becoming rich has resulted in tweeps talking about going to Benin to perform money rituals.

Benin is well-known for practising voodoo and some Tweeps have been making jokes about going to the country to seek help in becoming rich.

Well, a man who practises ‘sakawa’ in Ghana has revealed how he went to Benin in 2009 where he performed many rituals and made GHc15 million within a short amount of time.

In an interview with GhOne TV, he said that he came by a rich woman in 2009 who had a lot of money but did not want to give it out.

To get a portion of the wealth, the man visited a traditional priest in Ghana who said the task was beyond his level and recommended he go to Benin.

On the way to Benin, the commuters crossed two strange rivers to the site where only a special language was being spoken.

There, the man narrating the story says he was informed the rich woman was part of a serious occult group and was a ‘free-agent’.

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