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Teeth are not supposed to be white – Dentist.



Teeth are not supposed to be white – Dentist. 46



A dentist at Platinum Orthodontics and Advance Dental Care, Dr. Yaw Asamoah-Adu has said that the teeth are not supposed to white.

According to him, there is a large spectrum of colours within which the teeth is considered normal.

“If you see your dentist they are going to show you a large spectrum of shades of them  … so some people are on the darker shade and some are on the lighter shade,” he said.

In an interview on Joy FM‘s Ultimate Health, Dr Asamoah-Adu advised that before one considers going in for teeth whitening, the individual ought to see the dentist to have an assessment of the tooth done.

“Always make sure you have a dentist do an assessment first. Cleared you to do your teeth whitening before you go into any of the places to have teeth whitening done,” he told the host of Ultimate Health, Nortey Dua.

This he said was because “there may be structural issues, for examples; decays, gum disease among others. Spend your money on that rather than going to have whitening done.”

Speaking on the common side effect associated with laser whitening said “The most common side effect of laser tooth whitening is a bit of sensitivity immediately after and shortly after the process.”

“So you would have some sensitivity a couple of days afterwards. But usually, this resolves. It is important to note that before you have tooth whitening done.”