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Why the world will never forgive Russia.



Why the world will never forgive Russia. 56



The sad truth is that no matter how bad a nation’s actions will be, sooner or later the world largely forgives, forgets or just moves on.

I was watching a mini documentary on YouTube about Russian history, and it is simply littered with genocides, massacres and pogroms against the Jews. But people barely remember these events today. I consider myself reasonably well read when it comes to history, but I was startled by how much of this stuff I had simply never heard of.

This isn’t unique to Russia – every country has its own dark stains that people eventually forget. How many people today judge Haiti for its decision to massacre its remaining white population a few years after the revolution? How many people today criticise China for the Dzungar genocide?

Short answer: precious few. Most people forget even the most grievous crimes given enough time.