IMANI Boss Disagrees With Gov’t, Says Governance, Economy Must Count More In Rating Performance


IMANI, in its IMANIFESTO, gave government 72% percent for the fulfilment of its 2016 manifesto promises.

The government, however, rated itself 78 percent in a presentation by the Vice President during a town hall meeting in Kumasi on Tuesday.

Speaking on Eyewitness News, Mr. Cudjoe explained that IMANI’s weighted metric saw the economy contributing to 25 percent of the assessment, governance contributing to 25 percent of the assessment, infrastructure contributing to 20 percent while human capital and social policy contributed 15 percent apiece.

He noted that “when you do that, you pay attention to the fact that issues under governance and economy are critical.”

As an example, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development [OECD] also prioritises the governance and economic indicators in assessing development.

“They [OECD] tell you that in assessing government, the economy and government are virtually the most important, which is why even in [the Ease of Doing Business Reports], the indices that are most notable are the ones that relate to the economy.”

In other notable variances between IMANI and the government, the think tank cited the government for 410 promises while the government gave account for 388 promises.

The government said it had delivered 114 of its promises and was in the process of delivering 189 others from its 2016 manifesto.

Mr. Cudjoe said this IMANI took into account even “minute” promises by the state and his outfit “did a much thorough job.”

IMANI also scored the government 54.35 percent in the delivery of its commitments on the economy, 46.21 percent on governance, 46.44 percent on infrastructure and 39.13 percent and 43.78 percent on human capital development and social services respectively.

The full report can be viewed here




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