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Dear Adubia

Dear Adubia

Effective communication is a vital ingredient for the positive growth of every relationship, and even though the Communication should be between the two parties involved, sometimes, all you need is that 3rd ear to listen and tell you what you’re missing and how to go about it. 

And that’s where we come in….

Dear Adubia is a special category created by the team, with the sole aim of anonymously helping readers with their mind boggling relationship questions.

We have well trained and qualified counsellors ready to attend to all of your relationship problems.


As an individual during a counselling session,will you give honest and heartbreaking answers to your counsellor or hide some information in order to be married?

Do counsellors mostly ask relevant and real life problematic issues one is likely to face in marriage or is it just a formality to get married?

If you had the freewill to avoid counselling before marriage. Will you opt for that and why?

If you are asked to give appropriate months for your counselling sessions,how many months will you propose and what will be your reasons?

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