Why do Men Batter their Partners for Infidelity?


As a woman, l keep wondering why most men who find out about their wives or partners cheating become either suicidal or end the lives of such women. Most men can’t take it when their partners or wives cheat on them and its either they kill or maim them for life.

I have read several news in the media about men killing their wives or partners after they found out they were cheating on them. Some men can go to the extent of killing their own off springs or children they had with these women as a form of punishment for their mothers cheating.

Such stories of men killing women, their children and committing suicide after they found out about their partners infidelity seem quite weird. Most times l wonder the actual reasons for this kind of behavior from most men worldwide.

Should a man kill a woman who cheated on him or rather send her back to her family? These and more questions about killing of women by their partners need answers. However there have been incidence of women also dealing with their partners as a result of infidelity but how many of them kill or pour acid on these men?

According to research l gathered from various sources, what causes marital conflict and which marital conflicts are more likely to result in men’s violence against women? It has been long argued that men’s jealousy over women’s infidelity is the strongest impetus to men’s lethal and non-lethal violence against female partners.

Husbands are more likely than wives to commit infidelity, and men and women report a similar frequency and intensity of jealous emotions during recalls of potential infidelity .Given men’s greatest size and strength, violence against wives may be used as a bargaining tool to strategically leverage a selfish outcome despite potential costs to the victim, aggressor and offspring.(Exclusive to adwoaadubianews.com)

More so, pursuing other sexual relationship in the African context, studies shows that marital conflict or jealousy in a relationship or marriage is experienced when a relationship is threatened, leading to responses reducing or eliminating the threat.

The possibility of potential uncertainty promotes the evolution of male jealousy. Jealousy responds either deter same-sex competitors from male theft or determining males from executing their plans. Pursuing other sexual relationship in the African context, studies shows that marital infidelity is a highly contentious issue particularly for its relationship with HIV/AIDS.

In Sub-Saharan Africa, marital infidelity may be connected to physical abuse through the following possible pathways, which are strongly tied to normative gender roles. Firstly a man who have concurrent sexual partners may be more prone to physical violence in general such as through the masculine identities that emphasizes the sexual conquest and male dominance.(Exclusive to adwoaadubianews.com)

A study conducted on marital Infidelity and intimate Partner violence in Rural Malawi. A dyadic Investigation shows that women who believe that their husbands have an extra-marital affairs, the partner may react violently towards the men out of jealousy and anger.

According to Karamagi et al, 2006, men use violence in response to their partners’ accusations of infidelity as noted in Tanzania, Rwanda and other African countries.

A variety of different social, behavioral and structural factors surrounds Intimate Partner violence in Sub-Saharan Africa including younger age, lower education, been married, alcohol use and abuse.(Exclusive to adwoaadubianews.com)

So come to think of it, nobody actually enjoys been cheated on especially our men, and for the ladies, why do we still cheat if we are not interested in the relationship or marriage, that’s a dicey issue to even think or write about because people have various reasons for cheating.

And some people also feel cheating is normal and that it shouldn’t be taken serious by their partners because they will definitely come back home to them no matter how or who they cheat with, voila.

The actual question is why can’t some men choose to find a solution with their cheating partners or spouses but choose to either kill or damage them beyond repair. Is it that the pain they feel when they are cheated on is too much for them as compared to the pain their female partners go through when the men cheat?(Exclusive to adwoaadubianews.com)

How many men will still be living if women were to continuously physically damage or kill their male partners for cheating? Think about that, it would have been disastrous. Is it not interesting that a woman who catches the partner cheating on her with another woman rather tries to fight the woman which results in them beating themselves up mercilessly?

My honorable men, please if you find out your partner is cheating on you, kindly help by confronting the issue appropriately by talking to the family, counsellor or friends and finding a suitable solution to it.
The practice of men killing their partners, pouring acid on them, beating them mercilessly or maiming them is outmoded. The current practice is finding a lasting solution where both partners can work things out without any form of violence.

How will you feel as a man if your daughter is been killed after infidelity, you will feel bitter about the situation, please as much as it’s extremely painful to find out you have been cheated on, killing or maiming your partner is not the best solution. Seek counselling and gladly avoid the killings especially the men. There is a better solution always.

By Adwoa Adubia


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