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Gender Equality in our Civilization



Gender Equality in the 20th Century arguably is one of the turning points in our history. It is also one of the Focal Points in the 21st Century. Society is the only platform where liberals and conservatives can play different chess with the same rules. It is the only platform which harbors both Lords and Retainers, Governments and their Citizens, Kings and People, Masters and Servants. The dynamics in societies, on the scale of morality, virtues, rationality and growth renders us a complete science which need to be studied with thorough skeptical approach. The duties of intellectualism cannot capture it embodiment in full with a mere stretch of the neck, hence it needs a complete comprehension especially on the territories where Religion and Politics rule. Culture, Religion and Ideologies epitomizes societies with obscure mechanisms which always falls into the grasps of Politicians after they have wet behind our ears. In such mechanisms, one can anticipate the course of our history, at least with curiosity. The past determines the nature of such mechanisms, the present determines when those mechanisms can come into action and the future holds the warning tags which would direct us to constantly do reference. The past too has been buried into the sensations and sentiments of Religion and Politics. In the long run, we still lean beneath the ladder, always looking up for betterments. And when betterments are being thrown down like puzzles of promises in sugar coated rhetoric’s; we then believe that there is hope for the future.
One of these mechanisms is the Gender Equality.
Gender Equality, as it has been soiled with several definitions still sits in the long queue of comprehension. It is still under the enigma of ideological puzzles. Religion call it Morality; Politics call it Liberal with numerous exceptions which would leave more stones unturn. When there is intellectual chaos to certain societal elements, it leaves fresh holes of sentiments and sensations through which the smartest can capitalize to win the hearts of the constituents. It is on this system that Politics and Religion still rule our minds and thinking. Gender equality, even on its ideal state has to be dealt outside the circles of Politics and Religion. However, its ideal state hasn’t been established yet, which always poses us with questions we have no answers. Over the past two decades, there has been consistent confusion in the society on Male and Female gender. The fact that we described male and female by our own customs doesn’t guarantee us to be having the absolute control over their responsibilities; and this reminds us on certain constitution. The perplexities therefore, comes with the yet to be compromised nature between our customs and the constitution. So, the struggle in its objective sense, isn’t between Male and Female; but rather The Society and the Government. Even if the string swings to the constituents of the society to fight. The benefit on it long chain of unrest, goes to those sitting on top (Government).
The only mediator between our culture and the government is the constitution. The society sees her customs to be good or bad, only when the constitution opens her eyes. That is why most of our customs were been changed not in our scheme of morality, but by the scheme of the constitution which has always been The Human Right. The limit of the constitution is the end point of every society when customs are being analyzed. The constitution has not gotten only the limits of absolutism, but also has limit in determinism. For the first place, it is too weak to handle morality and rational discourse, secondly it has a lot of contradictions to norms and ethics, hence, only caters for the government. It only turns towards us, when we need it to solve problems in our customs. Problems in our customs comes when there is strong feel of selfish interests within some constituents; such condition is a merry to Politicians, which on any scale triggers their thirst for power. It is on this tricky monument of ideas that our Gender Equality has been built. Females wants equal possessions of status with Males. Constant struggle in the society. They want Responsibilities, Status, Recognition, Resources and Power being shared equally. Ironically, all these utilities are being provided and controlled by Government and Religion.
The only weapons left for society to be used, if not to cease the dispositions of Governments and Church doctrines can be used to maintain peace among families are critical thinking and common sense. And that is nowhere to be found. When females rise up to be equal to males. The last thing they would do is to force them to also breastfeed the babies who comes today by mistake. One thing we constantly miscalculate is the bulk-tricky nature of this civilization. We are allowing it to penetrate without limit, rendering us too much promises than what it can provide. Human rights, Women Empowerments, Feminism and misogynism are what we think can stabilize the society. Oh yea, that is exactly what the Politicians wants us to believe. Activism here and there. Women activists, Animal activists and Social activists, all being so-called think they are creating better future for us and the environments. This Gender Equality subject in our society serves us goodwill but in the wrong way. Families are dispossessed with their true structure, children are being nurtured in the gruesome scheme of Day Care Generation, Depression and Anxiety to innocent young women who follows strict rules on marriage provided by Feminists. Marriages are losing it credibility; Dignities of women are being exchanged for materials and luxuries. Children are losing their sense of parenthood. More chaos, more problems, more stress, more anxiety, more suicides, more medications, more diseases, more death.
The quality of every society can never be dependent on how better we would establish Gender Equality. It simply depends on how we would understand each other’s role in the society and harmoniously following suit in making peace prevail among ourselves. Women are boasting of their increase number in the working industries. They aren’t ashamed of their complication in birth and how children are being manufactured in the so-called day care. Men too are boasting of their oppressive power towards women, they aren’t ashamed of how foolishly they turn to be inferior when women aren’t around. The society doesn’t need our equality, it needs our compromise on basic roles that nature gives us. We have given the civilization too much power to fool us.

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