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“Women Keep Dumping Me” – Shatta Wale Laments.



"Women Keep Dumping Me" – Shatta Wale Laments. 1



Shatta Wale has given a hint about his marriage plans and described the kind of woman that passes as his perfect wife material.

According to the SM boss, the reason why he did not settle down with any of his baby mamas is that he is waiting for the right time and the right woman to walk down the aisle and he is not in a hurry either.

“I am not in a hurry but I believe at the right time, when the time is right, I will marry…” 

Shatta Wale told Giovani.

Shatta Wale in the same interview stated that his previous relationships fell on the rocks because ladies he dated got tired of him and dumped him.

“I respect women a lot and my baby mamas can attest to that. When they get tired of me, they just dump me and move on and I understand because women like to be free.” He added.

When asked to describe his ideal lady he will marry,

Shatta said;

“I want someone who will be my friend, I don’t want to put anyone in a box, so I will go in for someone who is free to do what she wants but she should just keep me in the known.”