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“I’m Happy The Apam River Killed The Children” – Odifo Kwabena Tawia (watch video).



"I’m Happy The Apam River Killed The Children" - Odifo Kwabena Tawia (watch video). 49


A few days ago, 20 children were reportedly drowned in the Apam river after the President of Ghana, Nana Addo Dankwah Akuffo Addo warned the general public to desist from visiting the beach during the independence day.

This catastrophic incident caused a lot of Ghanaians to talk about the loss of lives of these innocent children.

The founder of the church of Rabbi, Odifo Kwabena Tawia has taken into the spiritual effect to explain the main reason why the children were drowned in the Apam river.

He explained that every community has norms, culture, and tradition and when such things are frowned upon, they result in death. He further explained that upon enquiries from the elders from the community, they explained that the children were having sex in the river and this provoked the spirit to kill those involved in such activities.

He added that he is very happy this has happened to the children and commended the river for doing that.

He further explained that the elders of the Apam community should wake up and perform the necessary rituals to appease the spirit or river otherwise this will continue.

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