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It shouldn’t be a problem having a bestie of the opposite sex – Dzifa Sweetness.



It shouldn’t be a problem having a bestie of the opposite sex - Dzifa Sweetness. 49



Sexpert, Dzifa Sweetness has added her voice to the discussion on whether or not it is advisable to have a best friend of the opposite sex especially when one or both parties are already dating.

In an interview with host, Adwen the Love Doctor on eTV Ghana’s adult edutainment programme ‘In Bed with Adwen’, the sex coach opined that it should not be a problem if someone who is in a relationship has a bestie of the opposite sex however, in most cases, it brings about a lot of complications which makes the relationship unhealthy.

“To some extent, people do not know their limit so it brings about complications which make the relationship very unhealthy. If you’re a male or female and you have a bestie of the opposite sex, once you get into a relationship with someone, there should be a limit between you and your bestie.

Your boyfriend or husband becomes your best friend so if you have any issue to discuss, it should be with him. If you have any gossip or any problem, it is him you should discuss it with so however close you were with your bestie, you must now begin to draw boundaries”, she said.

Dzifa advised that in a relationship, people should keep their partners in the know about issues regarding each other’s besties and be cautious so as not to allow whatever cordial relationship that exists between them and their besties to meddle with their romantic relationship or marriage.