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Akufo-Addo cautioned on ‘banana peels’ at his office.



Akufo-Addo cautioned on ‘banana peels’ at his office. 46



As the adage goes “the termites that are likely to bite you are hidden in your clothing”

There is this unscrupulous fallacies spewing in the airwaves that president Akufo Addo responded to nature’s call in a private jet; the most irresponsible fabricated story a nine months old baby could concoct about his/her constitutionally elected president purported to ridicule the president. I write to condemn such publication with the bulk of unprintable words it is childish, immature and uncivil. Whoever is behind that fallacy must bow his/her head in shame.

However, assuming without admitting, how did that barbaric news come out? Who was behind it? Where was the source? Assuming without admitting as aforementioned, who and who were on board of the aircraft with the President? Who might have divulged such information in the public should it be true?

This time round can anybody accuse the NDC or any of the president’s critics and OPPOSERS of such primitive publication since it is obvious that the president will never travel with any such person brazenly known to be his opposer? The answer is a big no because the president travels with his faithfuls and confidants. Then where from that news?

Was the news a concocted one or it was factual? If it was a concocted story then it is admissible that the OPPOSERS and critics of President Akufo Addo did the story but if indeed anything of that nature happened in the plane then all those who were on board the plane with the President must be dissociated from the president because they are sheep with wolf skin – the worst enemies of the president.