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Big scandal hits BOST.



Big scandal hits BOST. 46



The Managing Director and the Head of legal causes financial loss to the state company.

Reports from the court of appeal indicates a worrying situation at the state institution.

Very Credible information has it that the apex court has passed judgment against Bost on a matter that a board member, Mrs Joyce Agyeman Attafuah who doubles as a legal advisor to the board of directors of the company kicked strongly against the continuation of the case where lawyer Abraham ossei Aidoo represented Hask oil, a bulk distribution company ( BDC) and the BOST legal team led by Mrs. Harriet Amoah with the support of the managing Director, Edwin provencaal who convinced the Board of Directors that BOST will win the case on appeal. Although, the company had a weak case. Based on the facts of the matter pending before the law courts.

BOST has been ordered to pay 28miliion dollars from an initial amount of 9.8million dollars plus interest which Hask oil was willing to accommodate. Now the bank accounts of BOST has been garnisheed for non payment of the 28 million dollars to Hask oil. Which initially Hask oil agreed to a payment plan by BOST. When it won the case against state company.

Upon assumption of office, Edwin provencaal immediately agreed with the head of the legal department to pursue the case in court without proper consultation.

This is the second in a roll that Edwin provencaal, the MD, and the head of the legal department have caused serious financial loss to the state company by their misguided actions which ultimately, the poor taxpayer is called upon to pay. Thus depriving them essential social services from government.

In December, 2020, BOST was forced to pay 5million dollars for land acquired in tema. Which 3million dollars deposit was paid. But the company defaulted on the terms of payment and the duo Edwin provencaal and Mrs Harriet Amoah decided to continue the case in court as usual for God knows what benefits they derive from such actions against all legal advice to have a negotiated settlement on matters where BOST is legally exposed to paying huge sums of money. There’s no gainsaying that some of these legal cost against BOST are carefully orchestrated to milk the company through the court cases.