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BREAKING: Election 2020 – Ayawaso Central likely to fall to NDC – Political Analyst



BREAKING: Election 2020 - Ayawaso Central likely to fall to NDC – Political Analyst 1

Renowned Political Analyst, Eric Yobo has said that the Ayawaso Central seat which has always gone on the way of the ruling New Patriotic Party, the NPP since 1996 is likely to fall on the way of the NDC but with a dint of hard work and tactful campaign ahead of the 2020 general elections slated for 7th December.

He made this revelation during a live radio interview on Saturday monitored by Speaking on an elections survey and analyses segment dubbed Elections Source on SIMPIESO, hosted by Kakeeku, Mr. Yobo revealed that even though the Ayawaso Central seat has always been for the NPP the dynamics of the constituency is changing gradually thus making it possible for it to swing for the first time. He noted, if the NDC present a candidate who is of high repute and can relate well with the Islamic community in the constituency then they are likely to win the seat.

“Since the creation of the Ayawaso Central constituency, the NPP had always won every election there especially in the time of Sheikh I.C. Quaye largely due to his stature as a Ga and a Muslim cleric but the dynamics have changed slightly with the incumbent M.P Henry Quartey who even though is a Ga but not a Muslim and so is not so much admired by the ever growing Zongo communities in Ayawaso Central as compared to the N.D.C’s Rauf Musah Tubazu”. He noted

He admitted, efforts by the ruling NPP in creating the Zongo and Inner City Development Ministry was a good attempt yet, much has not been seen in terms of development in various Muslim dominated communities across the length and breadth of the country thereby making it almost impossible for the NPP to claim most of these seat into their fold.

Again, Mr. Yobo revealed the NPP is still struggling to make most Ghanaians believe that they represent the interest of all and not just a political party that believes and promote Akanism as they have always been accused of based on the utterances of some leading members of the party.

It would be recalled that a leading member of the NPP, Mr. Yaw Osarfo Marfo was caught in a leaked tape making disturbing and wild conclusions why some parts of the country should not be giving an equal share of the nation’s resources. In the said leaked tape, the Senior Minister was heard saying that it is highly unfair for any such decisions to be made since some parts of the country contribute hugely to the resources of the country.

This was widely condemned by the general public but the Senior Minister later came to defend the statement but claimed the said leaked tape in question was doctored and does not reflect and portray exactly what he was communicating to leadership of the party in a very private meeting.


Apart from the 1992 elections which saw the NDC win the Ayawaso seat by Hon Said Sinare, Sheikh Ibrahim Cudjoe Quaye of the NPP had won in all other parliamentary elections until the Birth of the Ayawaso Central constituency. Even that, the NPP had won but only in the 2012 and 2016 elections have they won with a non-Muslim.

Known in private as Uriah McAbrahams and in Showbiz circles as Kakeeku. He is one of the very few courageous and bold journalist who for the past 18 years as broadcaster, wouldn't mince words at all when it comes to pointing out the ills in any government or regime hence his nickname Kakeeku. He is an entrepreneur and co-owns KOOL BROADCASTING L.L.C operators of the KOOL HD brands of FTA /Satellite TV platforms globally. He has worked with almost all the big media brands in the country except Despite Media. He currently host the afternoon political radio talk show on Accra based Ahotor 92.3 FM of the Universal Multimedia Company Ltd

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