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Captain Smart drops alleged list of big wigs who stormed Benin for powers to ‘harm’ Akufo-Addo.



Captain Smart drops alleged list of big wigs who stormed Benin for powers to ‘harm’ Akufo-Addo. 49



Captain Smart keeps stealing the headlines with stunning revelations that keep Ghanaians baffled. Over the past few months he has waged a verbal war on corrupt politicians and systems. His latest beef was against Kennedy Agyapong after the latter threatened the life of journalist.

This got the 2 in a back and forth. In the end Captain Smart insisted that he was done with the MP and will only speak about him if the MP dares him again.

Today, Thursday, July 22, 2021 Captain Smart dropped wild allegations and called for prayers for President Akufo-Addo. He noted that some people are working against the President to break him down. He wondered why the contingent will want to destroy the president. He also questioned where Owusu Bempah was because it looked like the President was spiritually vulnerable.

“There were 3 pastors, 2 MPs, 4 Ministers who left for Benin for powerful charms. They took 3 V8’s for that journey. The cars had numbers like one starting with GN and ends with 20, Others include GT ….19, AS…17. One of the Pastors resides in Dome Kwabenya. Another Pastor is an Nzema who lives in Kumasi. One popular pastor who has ‘N’ starting his name was part of the contingent. They feel Akufo-Addo is not right for the nation so they want to make him suffer.

Why do you want the president to suffer? I even know where you went to repair the tire of one of your cars. The Vulcanizer’s name is Amevor. He worked on your tire. Why do you people want to do this? The fetish in Benin has only one breast. They went to were and she breastfed them and gave them charms. What has become of the charms and manipulations?” Captain Smart queried

Captain Smart was of the view that most of the things happening and going on are happening from the spirit realm. He called for more prayers for the president because all isn’t well. he called on the pastors surrounding the president to up their prayers. It is uncertain whether Captain is just alleging or his claims are true