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Captain Smart gives clue about the top Politician dating Mzbel and Tracey Boakye; reveals his car number



captain smart

Updates from the beef between Tracey Boakye and Myzbel seems to unfold more mysteries now as the two have finally revealed their identities.

In the ensuing fray, Ghanaians kept asking who this sugar daddy is that has put these two ladies on each other’s throat. And given the fact that both ladies are staunch NDC supporters and have a close relationship with former Ghanaian president, John Dramani Mahama, his name was inevitably linked to the fracas. Fortunately for John Dramani Mahama, Tracey has disclosed he’s not the man they are fighting over as NPP propagandists are saying.

However, in all this brouhaha, what has baffled most Ghanaians is the identity of the said man dating both Mzbel and Tracey Boakye.

Well, Captain Smart of Angel TV this morning has claimed that he knows the man and gave out certain clues including his car number.

According to him, the man is a renowned politician and very rich. He said that the man had several concubines and went ahead to give his car number. He said that the man’s car number is GA-13**-19. Though he revealed the number, he did not give the full number since it was against journalistic standards.

However Mzbel in a separate video has said that she is not dating the same man with Tracey as Tracey Boakye is claiming.

According to her, she is selfish and hates sharing her man. So there’s no way she will share a man with anyone talk less of Tracey Boakye.

She said that she she lays her hand on any man, she does everything in her power to hold on to the man, but when she sees her man entertaining other ladies, she quietly and respectfully walks away.

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