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Delay grills Archipalago for hating on Twene Jonas – (VIDEO).



Delay grills Archipalago for hating on Twene Jonas - (VIDEO). 56



Controversial television personality Delay grilled U.S based entertainer Archipalago over his senseless hatred of Twene Jonas.

Delay grilled Palago over why he tried to bring Jonas down and ended up failing miserably.

Archipalago replied that he does not hate on Jonas, a bald-faced lie.

According to him, God should curse him if he truly hates on Jonas.


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The U.S sterile processing technician is next on the Delay show.

Delay took him to task as always, bombarding him with the hardest questions.

She inquired why he tries to bring down everyone who becomes famous online.

Archipalago claims that he’s the godfather of online fame hence he hates nobody.

Delay went deeper, asking why he hates Jonas in particular.

Followers of showbiz would recollect, Palago tried his best to bring down Jonas when he became super famous.

He tried to meet him face-to-face but Jonas ignored him like the pest he is.

In answering Delay’s question, Archipalago denied having any hate for Twene.

According to him, he actually helped Jonas become famous.

Archipalago said he only went after Jonas when his insults became too much.

Listen to Delay grill Palago below…