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Does taking a ‘break’ mean breaking up? Here’s all you need to know.



Does taking a 'break' mean breaking up? Here's all you need to know. 49



A break doesn’t have to mean catastrophe — it can provide the necessary time and space to evaluate the partnership.

Most people go through the ugly phase of a relationship when they think about ending things, but the moment they actually think about a life without their partner, it scares them to death.

It can be a vicious cycle to think and rethink about splitting up. Before you pull the plug on the relationship, you should make sure it can be salvaged by ‘taking a break’ from each other.

By definition, a break is a period where you and your partner haven’t officially broken up but have only decided to have some time to yourself than each other. This is the time when you can reassess your feelings, goals and motives towards each other. This phase can either make or break your relationship. In other words, you reconsider if you want to end the relationship or resolve your issues and move forward. When you take that break, you put yourself and your relationship through a test. A test that will make you realise important feelings that you are missing out on.

What happens after the break?

As stated earlier, the break was for you to reveal what you want and need out of the relationship. Thus, you sit down with your partner and talk everything out. Your decision or theirs. Both of you have had your space and time to think things through and you must land on one outcome. Usually, talking and conveying your thoughts, and views with anyone helps them understand your part better.

The difference between taking a ‘break’ and a break-up

You have talked to your partner and both of you have landed on the best decision for the relationship. It is calling it quits. That means, you have reached the end of this chapter and it is time to start a new one. With this decision, you can do whatever you wish to, you don’t have to ask them for their opinions or views about something important in your life. If you have ended on good terms and it is healthy for you, you can always choose to stay in touch and be “friends” with them. But with a break, you are still technically bound to the person. The difference can get blurry and that confusion can lead to very many complications. If you are the one wanting a break or a break-up, be crystal clear about it so that your partner doesn’t dangle on a thin thread of hope.

Is it okay to take a break?

It is completely normal to feel like taking a break. By doing this, you will help yourself and the relationship. Of course, it is going to be scary at first due to the number of “breaks” that haven’t worked out. But maybe that happened due to the absence of knowledge and communication. Taking a break always doesn’t mean that something is wrong with the relationship, it can also include huge life changes like a career change, a life-altering event at home or it is just that you are not in the right space in your life.

All you have to do is, communicate and express exactly how you feel to your partner and later, you can always decide the ground rules, introspect the situation and be honest.