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Does the Ukraine war mark the end of globalisation?



Does the Ukraine war mark the end of globalisation? 56



No, it will not. Not unless we all get nuked, in which case, sure, the end of humanity would also mark the end of globalisation by default. What the invasion of Ukraine primarily marks the ends of, is a world in which we all play-pretend that things are A-Okay and pacifism and diplomacy alone can always save the day.

More than anything, Ukraine is a wake-up call. Words alone do not solve problems and conflicts, something strength, resolve, and enough weaponry to deter dictators, is necessary.

If you want to be anti-war, you have to be ready for war at the same time. It’s a crazy irony but it’s true… you cannot “talk away” a problem like Vladimir Putin. Strength alone can deal with bullies.

Regardless of how the war plays out, globalisation will continue. The European Union and NATO are now stronger than ever.

Democratic countries work together more intensely than every before, all due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Without realizing or intending it, Putin just did globalisation a HUGE favor.