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Doing These 5 Things Make You Older Than Your Age.



Doing These 5 Things Make You Older Than Your Age. 1

Our skin is the first organ in the body that shows signs of aging. This makes the skincare essentially important when keeping aging at bay. As we age, our skin undergoes a lot of different changes – the collagen fibers that are the underlying support structure of the skin become twisted and matted. This causes wrinkles and lines to appear. This doesn’t have to do with anything more than our daily habits and the way we treat our skin and body. Some of our daily habits catalyze the process of aging on our skin.

Here are 5 of the habits that you need to avoid right now to prevent your skin and body from aging.

1. Not Getting Enough Sleep

For our body to function properly, we need an ample amount of sleep. By not getting enough amount of sleep, our body can show negative physical and psychological effects. Chronic sleep deprivation will result in dark circles and unbalanced skin which is primary to aging.

2. Drinking Too Much Alcohol

Drinking alcohol can cause inflammation in the body. It can also slow down your metabolism. This can put stress on the body and accelerate the aging process. It can also dehydrate the skin and this can make you look tired.

3. Exfoliating Excessively

Granted, exfoliation eliminates dead cells. But doing this excessively can prevent the skin from retaining water. This will make the skin look dry in appearance and thus contribute towards wrinkles.

4. Smoking

Smoking has many disadvantages. It puts our heart and lungs at great risk and can even lead up to cancer. Not only that, but it can also age your skin faster. The heat from the cigarette directly burns the skin, changes the elastic fibers of the skin and reduces vitamin A levels and moisture of the skin.

6. Not exercising enough

Exercise movements rejuvenate the body and muscles. This makes the skin look more toned because oxygen and nutrients in the blood can reach the capillaries of the skin easier when we exercise.

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