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Don’t send your children to Achimota – Kwesi Pratt advices parents of Rastafarian students.



Don’t send your children to Achimota – Kwesi Pratt advices parents of Rastafarian students. 49



Kwesi Pratt Junior, Managing Editor of the Insight newspaper has advised the parents of Tyron Marhguy and Oheneba Nkrabea against allowing their children to continue their education at Achimota School.

Kwesi Pratt fears that the two Rastafarians will be targeted and victimized if they decide to school at Achimota School.

Pratt who spoke on the June 1 edition of Peace FM’s Kokrokoo show said that it will be in the interest of the students if they pursue their education in an institution other than Achimota.

He believes that the case was more about establishing a precedent and with that objective achieved, the students must seek a place where their sanity will be guaranteed.

Pratt also praised the students and their parents for using the court to seek justice after Achimota denied them admission.

“If were their parents, I wouldn’t allow them go to Achimota School. The victory has already been achieved and the rules have been set for the future. It’s a major victory for the Rastafarian community, that’s enough.

“Why do you push it to the extent that the children must go to that school. The authorities who rejected the children are still in that school. It’s not comforting for the children. All eyes will be on them and I don’t think it’s the best thing.

“I listened to Ras Nkrabea and I agree with him. If possible they should look for a new school for the children. They are brilliant and I believe they can fit into any school and excel but that’s my advice. It’s just an advice,” he said.

The Human Rights Division of the Accra High Court on Monday ordered Achimota to admit the students and allow them pursue their education.

Speaking on the possibility of victimization, Tyron Marhguy expressed his readiness to deal with any such thing.

“I have assumed there could be a possibility of fear once I get to Achimota School because considering the damaged reputation and a whole lot of other undesired consequences as a result of actions on their part, I don’t think I’ll be a friendly face they’d want to see considering the things they’ve been through so I am anticipating something of that sort.”