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Elizabeth Packal, The Woman Who Was Pregnant For 10 Years.



Elizabeth Packal, The Woman Who Was Pregnant For 10 Years. 3 crew had a major encounter with Elizabeth Packal, a woman who revealed she was pregnant for 10 years.

In an exclusive interview with her, she revealed shocking information about the pregnancy.

Elizabeth Packal, The Woman Who Was Pregnant For 10 Years. 4

When the mysterious story of Miss Packal was first heard, our correspondents headed to Oyo state to find out how true it was.

The Togolese national’s story got weirder when she revealed that she carried the pregnancy for 10 years without having a known husband, boyfriend or anyone that falls in an intimate category.

The revelations became even more unbelievable with the 20-year-old lady insisting on not sleeping with any man.

From the way she sounded, she was unsure of the pregnancy and how it came to be.

According to a middle-aged woman, who attested to the story during the interview, Miss Packal’s stomach simply grew bigger and bigger with time.

She had been like that since she was a maiden. She was taken to the hospital where she was checked and tested.

The woman who carried pregnancy for 10 years

However, the findings said to have been made only revealed a calabash-like object inside her.

The woman said that it was hard to believe that it was indeed a real pregnancy as women only carry pregnancies for a period of nine months or at most, 10.

However, the case of the young lady was different as she carried hers for more than 0 years.

Out of concern for her, Miss Packal was taken to a traditional medical center where the case was regarded as being strange too.

They told them at the native facility that the stomach would eventually burst and she would die.

Nothing was done for her there and this made them move her to another hospital within their environment. The hospital wanted to refer them somewhere else but they told the management that they had been everywhere else.

At that point, they were unsure if she would make it alive but there was no point taking her back to the house as there was nothing they could do for her there.

The woman told Legit TV that not long after that, a strange black object emerged from the lady’s private part.

The narrator said that she was about to run back out of fear when the nurse asked her to stay put since she brought her. Within a short period of time, a baby girl was born.

All efforts made to get the stomach to reduce after the birth of the child failed. They checked if there were more babies but nothing was found.

Miss Packal’s tummy had remained the same till the time the interview was done.

They initially thought she had fibroid but they did not expect to get a child from the protruded stomach since she had never been with a man.

Miss Packal’s bulging stomach has refused to reduce even after the birth of the baby. crew also found out the baby had been named ‘Iyanu’. According to the Yorubas, the name means wonder.

The child was born on 20th March 2020; she is healthy and has no problem whatsoever.

Those around the young mother are soliciting for help as they have tried their best possible in making the stomach reduce to no avail.

Miss Packal on the other hand said that she did not have any funny feeling but for her stomach that kept growing in size.

They want everyone who can be of help to look into her case so that something can be done concerning the bulging stomach.

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