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FLASHBACK: If saying the truth will make me lose my job, I’m ready – Domelevo.



FLASHBACK: If saying the truth will make me lose my job, I’m ready – Domelevo. 49



Daniel Yao Domelevo, the former Auditor-General, stated in 2018 that being a truthful man, he would prefer losing his job for the truth, if that is what it would take.

He explained that he would continue to pursue the truth and will not be derailed by anyone or anything in his way, trying to veer him off this tangent.

Daniel Yao Domelevo was speaking at the 3rd edition of the Kwadwo Baah-Wiredu Memorial Lecture.

He added that he was aware of how some people disapproved of his tactics and his approach but he was not moved by it.

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Auditor-General, Daniel Yao Domelevo has declared that if exposing corrupt officials and speaking the truth always will cost him his job, then he is ever ready for that.

Speaking at the 3rd Kwadwo Baah-Wiredu Memorial Lecture, the outspoken Auditor-General said although some public officials are against his method, he is not in any way perturbed by their actions to sack him from office.

Mr. Domelevo has been under constant attack by the Audit Service Board. The two sides have been trading allegations and counter allegations resulting in both writing separate petitions to President Akufo-Addo.

The Auditor-General in his petition dated July 27 indicated among others that the Audit Service Board and its Chairperson, Prof. Edward Dua Agyeman were interfering in his work by interfering with audit processes, unlawfully circulating audit observation and manipulating procurement processes.

However, a counter-petition dated Augst 6 and signed by all members of the Audit Service Board accused Mr. Domelevo of disregarding laid down procedures in the discharge of his duties.

But speaking at the public lecture themed “Protecting the Public Purse – keeping the gate shut before the horse bolts”, Mr. Domevelo said he is not surprised people are fighting him for doing the right thing as corruption in this country is now like a religion.

According to him, although corruption can be found in developed countries, there is a huge difference because corrupt officials are prosecuted when caught but same cannot be said for developing countries like Ghana.

“In the developed countries when you’re caught you’re finished; there are consequences. In Ghana or Africa when you’re caught you can even bluff them; they say ‘and so what’ because he knows nothing will happen”.

Reiterating his stance on the fight against corruption, the Auditor-General boldly said “We all know the truth, who will say it but like I said, as for me I will say it if that means to go home. I’m ready to go home this evening. That’s the problem Ghanaians have, they think their life and the job are the same so going home becomes so difficult for them. If I should say the truth and because of that I should go home, my dear brothers and sisters I’m ready to go home even this evening”.