Government boosting health sector with the arrival of 96 ambulances out of the 307 Promised.


Information of this manner hitting our airwaves is all we yearn for as citizens. 96 ambulances have arrived out of the 307 that would be shared among 275 constituencies. Emergency care in the country will soon be receiving this major boost that would allow it to put up with a dandy work.

The National Ambulance service established in 2004,had just seven ambulance, as at now there are 133 ambulance in the country but with the purchasing of the new 307 and 96 already in the country with the state of the arts equipments, emergency service workers would be able to afford a laughter while working and that is because the working atmosphere would be worthwhile.

Dear Ghana government, please don’t stop there, you can do more, actions like these shows you have us at heart and we should continue trusting in your government, news of these kind hitting our airwaves sounds better than the reportage of an individual or a group of people conniving to steal from the tax payers.
For a country to have its grounds covered, there must be enough food and health care for citizens, it’s one step in the right direction at a time, if there are that much ambulances coming in which is a perfect idea, there should be good wages following to motivate workers to 110%.

We need state of the arts hospitals everywhere in Mother Ghana and we need qualified health workers to administer treatment when the need arrives. What is a modern hospital with every equipment without quality and happy health workers, the phrase “health is wealth” one can be as rich as he Can but without a good health everything would be meaningless explains it all?

The good news about these ambulances coming is that, they are good for every purpose and according to Pro. Ahmed Nuhu Alhassan they match the international standards because we National Ambulance Service (NAS) were involved in every stage of the installation.

According to sector Minister, Mavis Hawa Koomson, the distribution of the ambulances to every constituency is part of the government’s programme of providing the equivalent of $1 million per constituency per year to bridge the development gap between rural communities and the cities. This is a good news for Ghanaians and we hope it doesn’t end there.

Ghana is 62 years old and having ambulance in every constituencies as a way of development is not enough but it’s a good way to start and that is because availability would guarantee access and would definitely be at a low cost since it belongs to government.

We are a laughing stock to the world, Rwanda can be called a yesterday’s country but they are gradually imitating the developed countries. Ghana can still easily rise above every African nation if our leaders decide that we can. We have every resources to propel us beyond this current status.

Ambulance in every constituency is not enough because this is something that is needed to be tackled years ago but it’s a great start, kudos to the government, but they should do more because they can!!


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