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I saw Kwame Sefa Kayi collapsed & Peace FM burnt to ashes – Prophet (Video).



I saw Kwame Sefa Kayi collapsed & Peace FM burnt to ashes – Prophet (Video). 46



The leader of Glory House Ministry International Prophet Paul Tabrie has revealed the doom prophecy he saw about millionaire Kwame Despite’s owned media house.

According to the Kumasi based preacher, he had a vision were he saw that the building containing the media house was on fire and this happened after a thunder striked on the building.
He continued that during that period, he saw reknowed broadcaster Kwame Sefa Kayi collapse and was shaking on the floor.
Speaking with Rashad, he revealed that he has had the same vision thrice and thought it wise that it’s time for Ghanaians to know.
When asked by Rashad if he had tried reaching out to Kwame Sefa Kayi and the management of Despite media, he answered saying he has tried but hasn’t been successful in reaching out to them.
Watch the video below.
He in the interview stated that people shouldn’t take his words for granted or see him to be one of these stomach pastors because he isn’t.
He explained in his vision he saw that the doom is bound to happen this year adding that he is not in anyway asking them to come to him but rather seek help from any man of God.