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Medikal ‘clashes’ with Mr Logic over Yaw Tog at Hitz FM – (Video).



Medikal ‘clashes’ with Mr Logic over Yaw Tog at Hitz FM - (Video). 49



Rapper Medikal had a face-off with Hitz FM pundit Mr Logic after the latter said young rapper Yaw Tog doesn’t make sense in his songs.

According to Medikal, when he chanced on the video on social media, he wasn’t happy about how Mr Logic went about degrading the craft of the Sore hitmaker.

According to Mr Logic, Yaw Tog is overhyped and the buzz created around his craft doesn’t amount to the content he is producing.

But Medikal, who was seated for an interview on the Daybreak Hitz show, told Mr Logic he didn’t like his submission about the rapper who attained limelight through the Kumerican vibe.

I didn’t like how you spoke about him. As I was coming up there are a lot of things I said but now I don’t anymore… If you see his talent in a different light, some people also see it differently. If you say things like that it kills the vim of people who look up to him. You didn’t say it well and that is my opinion, Medikal said.

But Mr Logic, who claimed people misunderstood him, still maintained his assertion about Yaw Tog’s rap, adding that, he only wanted to big him up to do better.

Watch the video below: