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Michelle Obama Divorcing Barack, Stepping Away From The Spotlight.



Michelle Obama Divorcing Barack, Stepping Away From The Spotlight. 1



Is Barack Obamas marriage to Michelle suffering because he won’t step away from the spotlight? That’s what multiple tabloids have been claiming. Gossip Cop investigates the rumors.

Barack’s Book Sales Jeopardizing His Marriage?

Not long ago, the Globe reported that book sales had become a point of tension in Barack and Michelle Obama’s marriage. According to the tabloid’s insider, Barack had been opening “old wounds and [was] once again [pushing] the cranky couple toward a final marriage crisis.” The article referenced Barack’s comment to Jimmy Kimmel when he said “I’m not rubbing it in over dinner,” referring to him outselling his wife.

Of course, Gossip Cop wasn’t buying it for a moment. It’s ridiculous to claim that the spouses of 28 years were bickering over book sales, especially when they both had been extremely successful. Even less believable was the article’s claim that the couple was separating over it. Furthermore, Barack’s comments to the late-night host were obviously part of a playful bit, and it’s ridiculous to read any further in to them.

Michelle’s $175 Million Ultimatum?

According to a report from the National Enquirer, the Obamas’ arguments were getting out of hand. According to the tabloid’s insider, Michelle “slapped hubby Barack with an ultimatum: clean up your act — or face a $175 million divorce.” The source even claimed that “despite their loving appearances before the cameras, they’ve had knock-down, drag-out fights.” The insider couldn’t quite pin down what exactly was driving the couple so crazy, instead citing every topic possible: money, kids, career, and more.

This report was no more convincing. The insider made big assertions with nothing to back them up. From everything Gossip Cop could find, the couple was doing just fine and continues to support each other. But the couple’s public dedication still hasn’t convinced the tabloids.

Michelle Obama’s $1 Million Makeover?

The National Enquirer quickly published a very different story on the Obamas. According to the tabloid, “Starstruck Michelle Obama is splurging on a million-dollar head-to-toe makeover… in a bid to conquer Tinseltown and spice up her marriage.” The bold claim was followed by speculation about the Obamas’ Netflix deal, and an insider’s insistence that Michelle wanted to “have Barack drooling at how hot she is.”

There was absolutely nothing to support the claim, and it was even less believable considering the tabloid had just reported the couple was on the brink of divorce. The makeover story came completely out of nowhere and doesn’t seem to have gone anywhere. The Obamas’ Netflix deal was for documentaries and movies, and there’s no reason to think Michelle needs or even wants such a ridiculous change.

Michelle Tired Of The Limelight?

Finally, the Globe speculated that Michelle Obama had been battling depression throughout the pandemic and was trapped in a dysfunctional marriage to Barack. According to the tabloid’s insider, “Michelle has had it with [Barack’s] self-serving attitude,” and she’s ready for a change. In dealing with her stress, Michelle had reportedly desired to get away from the limelight and was willing to leave her husband behind to do it. It even alleged that both Michelle and Barack Obama had contacted divorce lawyers.

Of course, there was no truth to this report either. The tabloids have a bad habit of wildly speculating about the couple and do little in the way of fact-checking. The Obamas, from what we can tell, are not separating, divorcing, getting expensive makeovers, or retiring. Clearly, the Obama name sells magazines, and these tabloids will shamelessly invent drama for the family to use it.