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Moment woman disgraced husband’s side chick in public [Watch]



Moment woman disgraced husband's side chick in public [Watch] 1

A video making rounds online has captured the moment a married woman chased after her husband’s alleged side chick to warn her to stay off.

The elderly woman met the said mistress in the company of another believed to be her friend in the market.

Despite the multitudes passing by, the wife unleashed her drama, screaming “leave my husband alone.”

"Leave my husband alone" -  Woman calls out husband's side chick in public (Video)

The side chick did not utter a word and was busy on her phone, leaving her friend to do all the talking on her behalf.

Residents, who were impressed with the drama, took out their phones to record the act. One could be heard saying she was ashamed of the married woman.

Another could be heard advising the woman to calm down and take the mantle up with her husband at home.

Video below: