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Mugeez Recounts How Sarkodie Once Embarrassed Him.



Mugeez Recounts How Sarkodie Once Embarrassed Him. 1
One of the best vocalist Ghana can boast of Mugeez of R2Bees fame has said that his fellow musician Sarkodie doesn’t trust him a bit.
In an Instagram post, Mugeez revealed that they were at a nightclub having some fun when he handed over a cup of Fanta to the rapper Sarkodie to take a sip, but he refused and said he’ll never drink it.“This Guy No Trust Me One Seff! Take Fanta E say never 💥🩸💪🏿🙏🏿“, Mugeez wrote.

sarkodie and mugeez

We can understand why Sarkodie refused to take the cup of drink. There’s a kind of drink known in our local parlance as ‘Ebi Things’ — where a normal soft drink would be mixed with hard stuff such as weed and high percentage alcohol.

When you see the drink you might think it is a normal soft drink but after taking it, just know that you’ll get boozed beyond limit.

So Sarkodie doesn’t want any problem that’s why he rejected this special ‘Fanta’ from Mugeez.

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