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My husband sodomized our 2 kids aged 7 and 4 months – Wife tells chilling story (watch video).



My husband sodomized our 2 kids aged 7 and 4 months – Wife tells chilling story (watch video). 46



The people of Kumasi have been shocked by a chilling story of a man who has sodomized his sons from age 7 months and 4 months respectively.

According to the wife Christabel who made these revelations on Kumasi-based Oyerepa FM, their first son from age seven months started defecating sperm.

This became consistent and made the child sick which warranted taking him to the hospital where it was revealed that someone was sodomizing her son.

When she confronted her husband, he denied knowledge of the sodomy.

She said when her husband travels, her son is healthy but when he comes back, the anus of her son becomes injurious.

“My husband drives to Bogoso so when he leaves home my son’s anus is ok but when he comes, there are injuries at the anus of my son. I always confronted him and he will call his mother to complain that I’m blaming him for something he’s not done.”

The wife indicated that when they gave birth to their second son and he was four months old, he started sleeping with him too. For him, he will wake up early and clean the sperm and shea butter with the cloths of the children.

Sometimes, she said, he will wake up early and wash the clothes of the children because it was drenched with sperms.

Whiles are these were going on, she did not receive the support of a family who thought that she was lying and trying to paint her husband black for reasons best known to her.

So in one of her meetings with her husband in bed, she intentionally asked him to rather sleep with her through her anus. The husband happy about it withdrew from her vagina, smeared shea butter on his penis and smeared same on her anus ready to insert.

That was when she boldly told him that it was evident that he is gay and that he has been sleeping with the children through their anus but has been denying it for years.


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