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Our leaders are impeding Ghana’s progress – Lydia Forson .



lydia forson



Ghanaian award-winning actress Lydia Forson says Ghana is stagnant because ‘majority of the people can’t have access to the most basic amenities.’

The “Sidehic Gang” actress, who is known for criticising every government in power, has said all the flashy buildings and restaurants in big cities in Ghana serve only a select few.

She made this statement in a Twitter rant on Easter Sunday.

“I recognize my privilege and the doors and connections it opens for me,” she tweeted. “I know that if with all these privileges life can still be hard for me, then it’s 10 times worse for others. And I just don’t know how to sleep comfortably at night with so many suffering.”

“This country is exceptionally HARD for anyone who wants to walk the right path! Even the best of us have had to cut unthinkable corners just to make ends meet. Everywhere bribe! Even if you don’t want to, it’s what you have to in a lot of cases. Mabr3.”

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