Pastor arrested for abducting and abusing a PHC enumerator in Ashanti Region.



Bohyen police command has arrested Pastor Owusu Acheaw for locking up an enumerator of the ongoing Population and Housing Census(PHC) program.

The weird incident happened at Abrepo-Kuma in the Bantama Sub Metro of the Ashanti Region.

Confirmation from the Bohyen Police Command and the Bantama Sub Metro reveals that the Enumerator went to the Rev. Minister’s house to conduct his normal duty without an ID Card but was wearing the PHC jacket.

The man of God who doubted his authenticity as being a member of the ongoing exercise locked him inside his house unlawfully and started maltreating him like a thief.

The Reverend Minister, whose act reached the authorities of the Bantama Sub Metro was called by the Administrator who pleaded he should free the enumerator since he was truly was an official from the PHC.

But shockingly, the man of God who felt so big, according to the source, threatened that nothing could happen as he was not prepared to release the PHC official and dared for any action to be taken against him.

The Sub Metro then proceeded the matter to the Bohyen Police Command, got him arrested and released the PHC enumerator.

He was detained at the Bohyen police station from morning till evening.

The pastor who was subsequently released upon his own plea for being guilty was asked to sign a bond as he is expected to report himself to the police every morning.

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