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People say I stink, others think I’m a bushman – Ajagurjah laments ill-treatments [watch video].



People say I stink, others think I’m a bushman – Ajagurjah laments ill-treatments [watch video]. 1



Founder of the Ajagurajah Movement, Bishop Boakye Asiamah has expressed disappointment over how some Ghanaians perceive him to be an uncivilized man.

This was in reaction to some disparaging comments from social media users after blogger Zionfelix posted a video of his interview with him.

Among the tons of comments beneath the post, some asked how the presenter was able to get into close contact with the prophet, adding that he smells to the core.

But in reaction to that, Ajagurajah said:

“People say I smell. People asked you how you managed to come closer to me. They were saying in the comment section that I stink. People think I’m a bushman. They perceive me to be uncivilized and uneducated and it’s sad,” he told Zionfelix.

According to Ajagurajah, people despise him to the extent that they questioned how he managed to acquire the expensive watch he was wearing during that particular interview.

“People were debating on the watch I wore and I was laughing at them. They were alleging that I’m wearing a fake watch because they cannot believe I’m capable of acquiring a $160,000 watch. Why is that so? The watch I’m wearing is a gift from someone. They should have asked how I got it in the fisrt place,” he added.

The Ajagurajah movement leader has been plunged in several rumours and controversies with some suggesting that he is an occultist, a fraud, many others.

The fearsome prophet who is an ardent speaker against the actions and inactions of some Ghanaian pastors and Christian doctrines stated in a recent interview that his life has been under threat because of such statements.

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