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Price celebrities pay for their success.



Price celebrities pay for their success. 49



Let’s take Kylie Jenner’s boyfriend, Travis Scott for example.

Although many may not like him, he actually paid a heavy price for his success.

Scott revealed that he and his father would often butt heads growing up, telling Complex in 2012, “Me and my dad used to have fist-fights in front of my friends. I was going hard for this [music] s**t.” Scott noted that his dad was not a fan of his music endeavors. “My dad used to come in my room like, ‘Turn that s**t off!'” the rapper stated. “Ripping my power out, just making beats die off — it was so many beats I had,” he continued, adding, “I was so cold with my dad. It got to a point he was shutting off power in my room!

The rapper “graduated early from high school” at 17, and would go on to attend the University of Texas. While he was in high school, Scott was dedicated to working on music full-time. To facilitate his workload, he turned his room into a music studio and didn’t even have a bed! Instead of having a bed, he would work all night and then sleep in his chair.

Scott ultimately dropped out of the University of Texas when he was a sophomore. He survived, at first, by scamming his parents into thinking he was still in school.

“I lied to my mom,” Scott told Complex. “I was like, ‘Yo, I need mad money for books. I need a new computer.’ And somehow they got me the money and I spent [it] on like living. Bought me a plane ticket next day, dipped out to New York.”

In New York, Scott told Complex he crashed at a friend’s house, “sleeping on the floor, and grinding,” making music. He was there about three or four months, but then moved to Los Angeles, where he found himself broke after his parents found out about his lies.

“My parents cut me off because I dropped out of college,” Scott says. “I was lying to my parents like, ‘Man, I’m in school.’ They came to visit me, I wasn’t there. I was like in a whole other state.”

Scott crashed on another friend’s couch and started uploading his music on the internet. Bloggers started to take notice of Scott’s talent. When rapper T.I. found out about Scott and contacted him, he finally had a foot in the door.