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Prof. Akumfi’s Reputation Remains Intact – Techiman Youth Patriots.



Prof. Akumfi’s Reputation Remains Intact - Techiman Youth Patriots. 1



The attention of the NPP Youth Patriots has been drawn to malicious and vile allegations against Professor Christopher Ameyaw Akumfi by a certain Prince who currently sells mobile phones at Dansoman in Accra and one Godson. The statement in its entirety seeks to denigrate the hard won reputation of the astute politician and academician and ruin his chances of leading the New Patriotic Party as National Chairman.

Not only is the content of the statement false, it is hatched out of ingratitude and jealousy by those behind it. Prince has been making incessant monetary demands from Professor Ameyaw Akumfi and is not satisfied by whatever the generous Professor gives him. As recent as a few weeks ago, Prince asked Prof. to send him money. This is kind of a character who seeks to impugn the integrity and reputation of Prof with the support of some people.

Professor Christopher Ameyaw as we all know is a renowned statesman and an accomplished public servant. His achievements in academia and politics cannot be swept under the carpet. He has led many educational policy and reforms in Ghana. He discharged his duties as Member of Parliament, Minister of Education and Minister of Ports, Habours and railways to the people of Ghana with dedication and distinction.

In all these areas of public service, he demonstrated professionalism at the highest level and the integrity of the accomplished Professor remained intact.
Professor Christopher Ameyaw has also served the people of Techiman North and South very well. Many development projects including schools, health centers, roads just to mention a few in the area came through his leadership.

The leading role he played in the creation of the Bono East Region foe which Techiman is now the Regional Capital cannot be distorted by any disgruntled individual or group. His popularity arising out of his excellent leadership and cordial human relations is the envy of many.

Interestingly, while people devise clandestine moves to dent the image of Professor Ameyaw Akumfi, he is rather soaring higher every day. The recent publications about his intentions to lead the NPP as National Chairman are not mere rumours. Heavy weights and supporters of the NPP across the country think that the party needs fresh leadership and are calling on Professor Christopher Ameyaw Akumfi, the result oriented, affable and competent grassroot man to make himself available to serve.

When the time is due and barring any unforeseen circumstances, Professor Ameyaw Akumfi will contest the National Chairmanship position of the NPP and we are confident that the delegates of the party will repose their confidence in him.The NPP Youth Patriots will stand and defend the reputation of Professor Ameyaw Akumfi any time and any day. We will expose people who peddle falsehood to malign the likes of Prof. just to satisfy their parochial, fiendish and jealous intentions.

We call on the few people of Techiman who have made it a habit to pull their own kith and kin down, any time they have an opportunity to make the town proud to stop. The pull him down attitude is gaining notoriety here in Techiman and must stop. We must rather forge ahead in unity to be able to bring progress and development to our people and Ghanaians in general. Let’s all support Professor Christopher Ameyaw Akumfi and indeed any person who has the capacity to bring honour to Techiman. This is how we can hold our chest high and compete favourably in Ghana’s public space.

Long live Professor Ameyaw Akumfi!

Long live chiefs and people of Techiman!

Long Live NPP!

Long live Ghana!