#RelationshipClinic: Types of Men You Should Avoid


Finding the apt man for yourself can be quite a difficult task. One of the biggest things we have to keep in mind that we don’t fall into the trap of getting ourselves into a fake or harmful relationship. We have to look for a relationship that will give us a sense of fulfillment, meaning and contentment.

If you are in a relationship that is not making you happy or contented, then you are likely not in a healthy relationship. More often than none, the women are the victims of these fake relationships. It’s pretty common for women to get lured into unhealthy relationships with men who will not treat them as their equals.
Here are types of men that you need to avoid getting into a relationship with.

The Bad Guy

There is a popular belief that women love bad guys since they are adventurous, daring, provocative and dangerous. Although these qualities are very attractive at the beginning of a relationship, they tend to be less than desirable in the long run. Usually, these men have a track record of violence and don’t be surprised if they have some criminal charges against their name in the past.
They usually don’t like to commit themselves to a relationship. It seems like fun to explore dangerous and exciting things with a young attractive boyfriend, but no woman will be happy to raise her kids on her own while her husband serves another jail term.

The Bodybuilder

Who doesn’t like to look at a gym toned body? A man with a desirable body has always been popular. Although it is harmless for a man to look after himself and make efforts to look better than others, his obsession with his own self can be a problem. Examples off such behavior can be him updating his social media profile with his new gym photos every 5 minutes or talking about his success in building a perfect body or when you notice that working out takes all his time other than that you.

Mama’s Boy

There is absolutely nothing wrong about a man loving his mother. Infact, most women think that a man who loves and respects his mother will most likely love and respect his wife. And it is true to a large extent. However, if you notice some moments in his behavior you should be alert.

Example: If he calls his mom every time you get into a fight, or if his mother still pays his bills, or if he wants his girlfriend/wife to ask for his mother’s advice in every single question, etc. These are all signs that your man’s mother is the most important woman in his life and you will hardly be ever able to replace her. Most women will not be happy to try securing their future with men they won’t be able to count on when they need them.

These men usually do not care enough to get some job, who live with their parents and at their expense, who play video games or watch movies all the time and do not think about their own future. It does not necessarily mean all women need a man who can pay their bills, but a man should be able to provide for himself and his family, otherwise he should not even think about starting one.

The Baby

Nobody wants to date an immature guy.
When a guy cannot make any decision on his own, or anytime he gets offended it takes him a couple of minutes to reply to his messages, or when he cannot understand that you may disagree with his point of view and takes it too personally, you are most likely to lose all your attraction for this man very quickly. Women should not get married to men who make a big deal out of every small argument they encounter.

The Cheater

Now, this is a big no-no! It seems obvious that any woman will not be able to live with a man who cheats on her. The issue is that not all of them know they are being cheated on.
Some signs that you man is cheating on you can be him leaving the room every time he needs to take a call or him refusing to take you to a party with him or you finding random female items not belonging to you in his car. If your answer is Yes, then your relationship is in hot waters.

The Pushover kind of man

Of course, some women like to be the authority of their families. But men who do not have their own opinion and will surrender immediately every time you have any argument are just not even attractive. Basically, if a man is spineless, he is not your man.
He who agrees to anything a woman says or wants even if deep inside he disagrees, is not a suitable partner. If you see him never contradicting with a woman, or never participating in an argument and waits for a woman to make decisions in every single question, he will hardly be a man any woman wants to marry.

The One That Won’t Leave You Alone

Privacy is an important and salient feature of a relationship. Marrying a man does not necessarily mean that they literally need to be spend every single second together. Everybody needs their space. Every human being needs a little bit of freedom. Even if people are crazy in love they still need some time apart.
The man who controls every step you make, watches over you or who will call you a thousand times when you go out for a coffee with your girlfriends. He does not let you work, not to lose out of his sight, and who checks your e-mails every day should not even be considered as someone you should marry.

The Awkward One

Some men are just like closed books. You never know what’s on their mind, they never start a conversation, they never laugh at your joke, they never interact with others that much and do not make any attempts to pretend that they respond in any way to what you are saying. It does not mean they are bad or they do not like your company, but their way of reacting to what you say or do may be too irritating. Some guys are socially awkward.
It’s not to say they are bad. But with them, it is going to be a bit of a difficult path. As long as you are ready to walk the difficult path, you will be okay. But yes, you cannot be happy with an emotionally deaf man. Hope this gave you a better understanding of what kind of men that you need to avoid. Selecting a life partner is a tricky decision and you must make sure that you are taking all the right steps in ensuring that you end up with the right guy.

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