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Road accident increase: NRSA to reintroduce road toll levy.



Road accident increase: NRSA to reintroduce road toll levy. 1



The National Road Safety Authority(NRSA) says it is finalizing efforts to reintroduce the Road toll levy to deal with the menace of stationary vehicles on the country’s roads.

It follows what the Authority describes as an unacceptable increase in road crashes in the country.

According to the statistics from the Motor Traffic and Transport Department of the Ghana Police Service, a total of 771 people have died between January and March 2021 through accidents.

Speaking to Starr News, the Director of Corporate Affairs of the NRSA, Pearl Adisu said efforts are ongoing to have the levy reintroduced.

“The legal towing service is not in place and when there is no policy for such things you can’t do anything about it. You’ll advise the people will not take it and you have no right to interfere so that thing is a headache to us. We did surveys and we realized that those spoilt cars, broken down trucks and vehicles is causing so much harm on our roads and so we needed intervention to rescue the situation, people did not take it kindly and did not understand and so we had to withdraw that policy directive.”

She added: “Now we see a lot of broken-down vehicles causing accidents on our roads and so we needed to go back on the drawing board and to see how best we could bring the towing services back. Because we can’t sit down and fold our arms and see these carnages going on in our country. So if it becomes legal then you can’t say you’ll not tow the vehicle… and so we are going back to the drawing table and see how best we could turn around and bring back the towing service in the best possible way.”