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Sachet of water to hit 50 pesewas.



Sachet of water to hit 50 pesewas. 56



The price increment spree continues and it seem no product on the Ghanaian market will be left out. From increase to fuel prices to increase in iron rods, cement and almost every commodity on the market, Pure Water is the latest addition to the list.

Your favourite bag of Pure Water which use to trade at GHC3 or GHC4 is now GHC6. This is expected to the affect the unit prIce of a sachet.

According to some hawkers, the increment will affect their profit margin so there will be a resultant increment of sachet to 40 pesewas or 50 pesewas.

“Everything is going up. fuel prices are going up and this affect our lives too. now that they I have increased a bag of water too, will also increase the sachet to 50 pesewas” one hawker said

This is how some Ghanaians are reacting to the price increment on Twitter